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Pets And Animals Women's T-Shirts and Apparel

They say that a dog is man’s best friend… but wouldn’t that make your dog a person just like you? And even though you probably searched for the nearest pet stores or stopped at a random “puppies for sale” sign, you didn’t call yourself a puppy mom. No way, because you’re actually a fur baby mama. Then there are some dog lovers that don’t even have dogs. They fall into 2 categories: the ones that go to the humane society looking to adopt a new best friend wearing these shirts and the ones who will never have their own dog and should just wear this every day.

I know what you’re wondering- what if you’re not a dog person? Kittens are cute too! Well cats get their own funny t-shirts. They can wear theirs around Christmas time. Or even better- during shark week.

Speaking of shark week, that should be coming up soon. Friendly reminder not to try to reach me. But if you’re also a friendly person that loves the sea and oceans, maybe this is the shirt for you. This might seem weird, but some people even go shark fishing. Word has it that Amity Island is the best for this, just make sure you have a big enough boat.

If fishing is your thing, we have something for that. And if you like that fishing shirt, you’re liable to like this tee as well (hint- they’re both about sex). We even have clothes for fake- uhhh, i mean extinct animals.

Point is we have a farm; better yet a zoo, of items for any pet and animal lover to choose from. Just a matter of finding out what floats your goat.

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