Great 4th of July Shirts

Great 4th of July Shirts

June 05, 2021

If you ask us, nothing is better than strutting your stuff at the 4th of July family cookout wearing something so unbelievably outrageous -- andmaaaybeeven a little borderline offensive -- that it makes mom's cheeks flush bright red in total embarrassment. That said, if you're in need of a great 4th of July shirt this year, we've got you covered.

Whether you're partying like it's 1776drinkin' like Lincoln, or getting star-spangled hammered, we have just the shirt for you. Let freedom ring and read on to learn more.

How To Stay Fly on The 4th Of July 

How awesome is the 4th of July? It's a celebration for the coolest country on the planet where Americans get together to toast Lady Liberty, chow down on one too many hotdogs, and light up the night's sky with a stunning display of fireworks. That said, it hasn't always been a party in the United States of America,no sir. It's taken a whole lot of blood, sweat, and tears to get this big, beautiful country to where it is today. 

You see, patriotism like this wasn't built overnight but built over years and years of crucial decisions and defining moments, which is what ultimately led America to true freedom. And although the fight for equality is still ongoing to this day -- as a strong, united country fighting hand-in-hand -- it goes without saying that we have come averylong way from where first we started.

If you ask us, this is one hell of an accomplishment and something to be extremely proud of. In the words of the late U.S. Senator John McCain, "Americans never quit. We never surrender. We never hide from history. Wemake history."USA! USA! USA!

So, how does one stay fly when celebrating the U.S. of YAY, you ask? 

With a ridiculously funny, borderline offensive, red, white, and blue-inspired shirt that's sure to turn heads, drop jaws and, of course, embarrass mom (duhh). Need a little help finding the perfect top? Check out these rad 4th of July shirts below:

Too Cool for British Rule 

Almost 250 years have passed since we sent those wimpy brits running back to their motherland. And, like our forefathers before us who really dgaf, we're still too cool for British rule. We are the makers of the chocolate chip cookie, Chuck Norris, and GPS. Represent! 

It’s Lit (Statue Of Liberty)

If anyone knows how to get down, it's Lady Liberty -- aka LadyLit-berty. Celebrate the Mother of Freedom, party like it's 1776, and get lit af this 4th of July.  

Back To Back World Champs 

America the great? We don't mean to flex, but as the 2-0 undefeated back-to-back world champs, you bet your a** we are! We came in throwing punches and taking names not only once buttwice. Not to mention lending a hand to bail out a few countries, the USA is one hell of a country that bows down tono one

Founding Daddy 

While some people refer to George Washington as the "Founding Father of Our Country," we prefer "Founding Daddy." Why? Because if you ask us, the founding fathers were daddy af. 

Dance Like Russia Isn’t Watching 

We'll tell you what -- there's truly only one way to live in life. You've got to love like you'll never be hurt. Sing like there's nobody listening. And most importantly, dance like Russia isn't watching

Basically, what we're trying to say here is that you live one life, so why not give it all you got? Don't stress about the consequences or what othersmight bethinking. Or the fact that someone named Vlad might be spying on you through camera outfitted porpoises on your smart T.V. You got this!   


Land of the free and home of the furry, let's make this 4th of July the cat's meow! Whether you're sippin' on liber-tea or Benjamin Drankin', don't forget to raise a glass and say happy purrr-thday to Meowica.

Spilling the Tea Since 1773 

If you're anything like us, you like your beer cold, your coffee black, and your tea in the harbor. Spilling the tea since 1773, there ain't no party like a Boston Tea Party!

Weed the People

One nation, under ganja, indivisible with liberty and weed for all. While we're all about defending The U.S. Constitution, we wouldn't be upset if there were some *slight* revisions. Just sayin'. #WeedThePeople

What’s Poppin’ 

The Sky: "What's poppin'?

Every American on the 4th of July about to pop off millions of fireworks: "Don't mind me just watchin'."

Tastes Like Freedom

Tastes like freedom, looks like freedom… must be 'Merica! 

If you ask us, nothing screams America more than noshing on  hot dogs and drinkin' one too many brewskies with the crew on the 4th of July. Forget red, white, and blue -- let's get red, white, andboozed!

Bald Eagle? Nah, Baller  Eagle! 

And there you have it, friends, the best 4th of July shirts that are sure to humiliate mom! 

Here at Famous In Real Life, we make top-quality shirts with character because life is way too short to wear boring clothes. Light up the night sky this 4th of July with a totally unique, undeniably awesome, and super comfy-cozy shirt to show your USA pride.

Whether you're looking to get lit like Lady Liberty or turnt like Benjamin Drankin', we have the perfect shirt for you, ‘cuz baby you're a firework and deserve nothing less on America's birthday.   

Raise a glass to the best country on the planet and check out our massive inventory of patriotic t-shirts and apparel today. Trust us; you'll be glad you did -- but, uhh... your mom probably won't be. Can’t say we didn’t warn ya!  




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