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4th of July & Patriotic T-Shirts and Apparel



Did you hear the news today? America is literally number one. Like, the best. I mean how can someone not love their life as an American? We have giant movie theaters, make country songs, and can get to tattoo a bald eagle wearing a bandana if we choose to. Hell, you don’t hear about any other country getting blessed.

But it hasn’t always been a party in the United States of America. No sir. Patriotism like this was built over years and years of important decisions and defining moments that lead to legendary quotes like this. We wouldn’t even be able to make awesome t-shirts if it wasn’t for past patriots that put us on the map.

However, after winning back to back world wars, we’re here and we’re free. And what’s more American than freedom? Well, this hat. And sports. America loves its sports teams. But there is only one thing that Americans love more than sports and freedom combined…


The people inside our country’s borders love drinking so much, it’s practically a sport. We wave our colors around proudly and hold our flag high. We recruit our friends to join us and show off by doing cool handshakes with them. So if you want to define what it means to be an American, or you’re simply proud to be from the United States, put your hand over your heart and repeat after me:

It’s lit

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