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Straight Outta Pawnee

Treat yo self to the best clothes and apparel Pawnee, Eagleton, or even Ice Town have to offer. Don’t get your gear from Tom at Rent-A-Swag, buy one of our shirts and people will start thinking you’re more attractive than the Pawnee Goddess

If you don’t buy one of our tees, we will be forced to call Burt Macklin: FBI. It doesn’t matter if you’re at JJ’s Diner eating waffles with Leslie, he will find you. Speaking of waffles, do you know Ron? He’s the King of Breakfast. I’m voting for Knope/Swanson 2020  based on their love of breakfast food alone. 

If you won’t vote for Ron, then at least join the Swanson Club. I’m pretty sure they meet every week at Charles Mulligan’s Steak House. Even better, head to the Snakehole Lounge and listen to him play in the Duke Silver Trio. I heard they give the customers free shots of Snake Juice during live performances. 

Another band straight outta Pawnee is Mouserat. They performed at the Pawnee Eagleton Unity Concert. You know, the one where everyone got free child size sodas, Paunch burger and a meat tornado from Big head Joe’s

Pawnee also has their annual Harvest Festival. People from all over Indiana come to see one thing: Lil’ Sebastian. Who doesn’t love that little horse?! 

While you’re browsing through our awesome collection, go ahead and turn on the Johnny Karate Music Show, maybe play a fun game like Cones of Dunshire, and when you get your shirt show your friends to let them know that they got Jammed*. 

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